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Frequently Asked Questions – information for sponsors

How long will it take for me to be matched with a refugee?

Since matches are based on refugee need and preference, it really depends on your location and what you can offer in terms of accommodation. For example, if you’re in London, you’ll likely be matched quite quickly but if you’re in a rural area it could take longer. If you’re a single man living alone, it might be harder to find someone who can stay with you.

Can Reset help with the visa application?

We cannot help with visa applications. There are organisations offering this help including ‘Here for Good’ which has guides to filling in the application:

If something goes wrong, can Reset help?

Reset’s involvement ends after you and the refugee agree that you wish to proceed with the match. It’s the local authority’s responsibility to take care of any problems. There may be local groups set up in your area to help with challenges – we recommend that you look into this and find out how to contact them.

We will continue to create and post resources on our website that may be of help to you.

How do I know if the room I’m able to provide is suitable?

This will depend on any requirements that have been set by your local authority. In general, the room needs a door that closes and somewhere for someone to put their things. The number of people who can sleep in the room depends on ages and genders.

Please take some time to understand what your local authority rules are by checking their website.

How will I know my house will pass a home check?

The UK Government has issued guidance to local authorities about the key areas they need to check in your home. In addition, your local authority might have certain standards they need the accommodation to meet. Do check your local authority’s website for more information on what they need you to do. If you are offering full accommodation (a flat or a house for example), you should check the website for information on the recommended model agreements to use.

How long does the £350 monthly thank you payment last for? Are there any rules about what this must be used for?

Currently, this lasts for up to one year. There are no stipulations as to how you can use this money, however you should consider the impact on your income. This information is available on the government website:

We know some sponsors are planning on providing the £350 to their guest directly. If you plan to do this, you should research how this might affect their benefits payments.

I have found someone to sponsor through Facebook, can I tell them to sign up with you so I can match through Reset?

If you’ve already matched with a refugee, you do not need to sign up to our scheme, but we would strongly recommend that you read through our resources in the “Useful Info” section of this website:

How do Ukrainians find out about Reset’s matching service?

We advertise on Facebook, Telegram and through partners on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Can refugees change their sponsor before or once they arrive? If someone’s sponsor changes their mind once they’ve arrived, can someone else take them in?

We are still waiting for guidance from the UK government on how a ‘rematch’ can happen.