We work with you to connect,
support and guide you in the
Homes for Ukraine scheme

How it works


Check our advice and register
your interest by filling in our
Google Form.


Receive training, advice
and support while you
wait to be matched.


We inform you of a match,
and if it’s the right fit,
you take it from there.

Become a sponsor

  • You’ll need to provide a bedroom and a place to live for 6 months.
  • They will need to have full access to come and go as they please, privacy and access to facilities such as kitchen space and bathrooms.
  • You’ll welcome refugees into your homes and families.
  • You’ll support refugees in making the UK their home, we recommend ensuring there is support locally to help make this happen.

“Thank you for your support and easy system to help find wonderful people in the UK who are ready to support Ukrainians”

— Yyvona, Ukrainian Refugee

Find a sponsor

  • You’ll be granted 3 years’ right to remain in the UK.
  • You’ll be provided accommodation for 6 months in the UK, this might be in someone’s home or in a property they own.
  • You’ll be provided access to some social welfare benefits, access to healthcare and to schools.
  • You will have the right to work in the UK.

Reset’s Service for Community Welcome

Reset empowers volunteers to welcome refugees into communities across the UK.
Due to our experience in community-led welcome, Reset’s matching service
is one of the recognised providers for the Homes for Ukraine scheme.