Finding someone to host

This section is aimed at those wanting to find out more about Homes for Ukraine Scheme, our matching service and get a better understanding of what to expect. We share some considerations to make before deciding to become a host. We will take you through the steps to be matched using our service, explain how many people you can host in your home and the terminology we use in Homes for Ukraine scheme

How to find someone to host

It can seem daunting to begin your journey of becoming a sponsor for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. To help you understand Reset’s services, we’ve made a video to explain what you will need to be matched with a refugee using our service, as well as useful step by step guide below.

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Is hosting right for you?

It is much better that you decide hosting is not for you now, rather than two weeks before your guests arrive. In this resource we will share some of the things to consider when planning to become a host as part of the Homes for Ukraine programme.

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What to put in your sponsor profile

When you sign up to Reset’s matching service as a sponsor, you’ll be asked to attend a webinar and then update your sponsor profile. The profile includes information about you, your household and the area where you live. We’ll use this profile to match you with refugees, and refugees will view your profile before deciding if they would like to be in contact with you.

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“Who is a refugee?” – Understanding Terminology in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The Homes for Ukraine scheme uses different terminology to refer to the individuals who are part of the process. You may have also found that when talking about displaced or migrating people, terms are used interchangeably to mean the same thing, however, certain terms are appropriate depending on people’s experiences and circumstances. Below, you can find out more about what each term is, and when to use it.

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