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Benefits and Financial Support for Ukrainians

Financial matters under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme can be confusing. We’ve made this resource to help you get a better idea of finances related to the scheme. It’s important that before you arrive in the UK, you understand what financial support is available through the scheme. We’ve also made a guide to help you better understand the cost of living in the UK.

Finding jobs in the UK

After you have had some time to settle into your life in the UK, you will most likely want to start looking for work in your area. We’ve made this simple resource to help guide you through the process of finding and applying for jobs in the UK.

Useful Support Links

Find a list of useful links to organisations, information and resources provided by charities, government and people

First Month Checklist

First Two Weeks Apply for a bank account Submit application for Universal Credit Register with a General Practitioner (GP) Receive £200 per person initial cash payment from Local Authority Apply for your National Insurance number First Month Get familiar with public transport links in your area Apply for child benefit (if you have children) Apply

After you arrive in the UK

Once you’ve arrived in your sponsor’s home, your sponsor will do the best they can to make sure you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that sponsors may not be able to help you with everything and may only have limited capacity to support you outside of the house. The local authority in your area will

How to approach the end of your hosting

Find out how long your accommodation is available for at the start We realise that arriving in a new country, especially when you never planned to come here is very difficult. Nevertheless, it is best to start planning for the end of hosting as early on as possible. We know that many hosts are reluctant

Cost of Living in the UK

It’s impossible to give one singular accurate comparison, as this varies from city to city. Instead, we’ve made comparison of transport, utility bills, rent and average shop for one person from Kyiv, Ukraine, and 5 cities in the UK just to give you an idea. Price Breakdown Across the UK Average Cost of Living