Frequently Asked Questions – Information for Refugees

Что я должен делать в обмен на поддержку спонсора?

Nothing. You should not be asked to pay, or work, in exchange for being sponsored. If anyone implies that you need to do something in return for being sponsored to the UK, you should not agree to be sponsored by them.

Получит ли что-то мой спонсор в обмен на свою помощь мне?

Yes. Subject to checks made by the Local Authority, they will receive £350 per month from the Government for providing support for you.

What if I arrive and I do not get on with my sponsor?

The Local Authority will be able to provide help for you if the sponsorship does not work out. You do not have to stay with someone if it does not feel comfortable.

Как я пойму, достаточно ли безопасно будет жить с выбранным спонсором?

All sponsors will have housing and security checks carried out for them by the Local Authority. These checks should be carried out before you arrive, or as soon as possible after you arrive.

The UK Government will be carrying out security checks on the sponsor. When you apply for your visa, you will be asked to include the details of your sponsor, so that they may carry out these checks.

Но помните, что несмотря на максимальные усилия Reset, программа не может гарантировать полную безопасность и приемлемость созданных подборов.

Будет ли мой спонсор просить у меня оплату за проживание в его доме?

You should not be charged rent while being hosted in someone’s home.

If your sponsor is offering you a property, they might ask you to pay for utilities (e.g. gas/electricity, water, etc) and council tax. However, they should discuss this with you prior to agreeing to a match. You will be entitled to register to receive social welfare benefits when you are in the UK, which will help toward these costs.

Как оформлять визу после того, как я выбрал спонсора?

At Reset we recommend that your sponsor completes the visa application.

The visa application will require information about you, any others who are sponsored with you, and about the sponsor, so you will need to share information with one another. You should make sure you are happy to share these details and pass on any details securely (e.g. via email or WhatsApp).

Следует также учитывать, что Reset не уполномочена давать исчерпывающую и максимально точную информацию о подаче заявления на получение визы. Если вам нужна помощь по этому вопросу, рекомендуем перейти по этой ссылке Ukraine Advice Project UK На этом сайте вас смогут проконсультировать квалифицированные специалисты по делам иммигрантов.

Как мне добраться до Великобритании?

The UK Government says that you will need to arrange your travel to the UK. Many travel services are offering free or discounted journeys. Your sponsor should be aware of some of these options.

Чем я смогу заниматься, когда приеду в Великобританию?

You will be given the right to work, access healthcare, schools and social welfare benefits. There is more information about life in the UK здесь.

Что будет после окончания срока спонсорства, через полгода?

You and your sponsor will discuss what will happen at the end of the initial six months of sponsorship. You might decide together that you are happy to extend your stay with them. Alternatively, your sponsor and the Local Authority will be able to provide advice and guidance for onward accommodation.