How to find someone to host

It can seem daunting to begin your journey of becoming a sponsor for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. To help you understand Reset’s services, we’ve made a video to explain what you will need to be matched with a refugee using our service, as well as useful step by step guide below.

6 Steps to find someone to sponsor

1. Decide you want to host refugees

Opening your home to someone you’ve not met before is a big decision to make. If you want to learn more about what to consider, then check out our ‘Is hosting right for you?’ resource.

2. Register for Reset’s matching service

Go to and register your interest in hosting refugees from Ukraine. We will ask you for some of your details as well as how many people you can host.

3. Attend our webinar and complete our online training

Once you register with our matching service, you will be invited to attend an online talk, or webinar, in which we will explain in more detail how our matching service works. You will be given a selection of webinar dates to choose from. It is really important that everyone makes informed decisions about getting involved in Homes for Ukraine and becoming a host  So, in the webinar we will also share some more things to consider before becoming a host . We will also ask you to complete our online training resources about what hosting refugees involves and how we need to make sure everyone involved is safe and able to make their own choices.

4. Complete your sponsor profile

The day after attending our webinar, you will receive an automated email inviting you to complete your sponsor profile. You will be asked to write a bit more about your household as well as your local area. We have a separate video about what you may want to include in your profile.

5. We match you with a refugee

As soon as you complete your profile and mark yourself as ‘open to matches’, Reset will start to offer you as a potential match sponsor to refugees. How long does it take to be matched with someone? That’s in the hands of the refugees, as they will be choosing their preferred sponsor. How quickly you are matched will depend on where you are based. For example, if you live in a rural location, you may need to wait a bit longer as we know that many Ukrainians say they would prefer to live in a town or city.

6. Meet your potential guests online

Once a refugee chooses you as a preferred sponsor, we send you their details and put you in touch to arrange an initial online meeting. It is very important that you and the person or people you will be hosting have a chance to meet and speak to one another before you make a final decision that the match is a good one. Following that meeting if, for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with the match then please let us know.