How to get the right information from your potential sponsor – information for refugees

We know that when you are introduced to a potential sponsor, it is not going to feel perfect, and you may feel like that you must accept their offer of help and support. This is not the case. If you do not wish to proceed with any sponsor, you do not need to, and we will seek to find an alternative potential match.

We want you to feel comfortable with any sponsor you decide to proceed with, so we recommend that you have a conversation with them and ask any questions you might have about them. To help with this we have set out come guidance and some ideas of what you could ask / talk about.

You will need to make contact with the sponsor to set up the conversation. We strongly recommend these first conversations take place as video calls.

You could ask:

  • Could they tell you more about the people who live in the property? Do they work? Are they in or out of the house most of the time?
  • What is the area like? Are transport links good? Where are the nearest cities or towns?
  • Are there schools nearby for your children to attend?

You might want to share some things about you and others in your group:

  • If you think you will look for work in the UK, what kind of work you might like to do
  • What you think you will most want some support or help with when you arrive?
  • The kind of things you enjoy doing and activities you might want to access when you arrive. Your potential sponsor might be able to start some research for when you arrive
  • If you have any connections in the UK already

You are looking to see whether you feel this sponsor might be suitable for you. You are not obliged to accept them. You will not insult them by saying ‘no’.

Please note that Reset relies on the accuracy of information provided to it by the sponsor. It is not able to separately verify any information it receives.